Katy Perry and John Mayer Dating Again!

Posted on May 26th, 2015 at 4:50 pm
True   Katy Perry and John Mayer Dating Again! Katy Perry and John Mayer spent their Memorial day together at the Happiest place on earth..and lucky fans at the park snapped the pics to prove it! The Instagram account Disneyland Celeb, known for sharing pictures of Celebrities at the park, posted a picture of John and Katy entering the ultra exclusive club 33 restaurant with the caption “John mayer was spotted entering Club 33 at Disneyland! Hopefully one of our followers caught a better picture of him!” disneyceleb As much as the couple might have tried to fly under the radar, they were caught by fans eager to post their encounters with the on again off again  superstar couple to their social media accounts. Perry and Mayer have been making headlines about their possible on again relationship since they were seen together after Katy’s amazing halftime show during the Superbowl. Rumors began swirling ever since. The couple have also been seen on various dinner dates across L.A., even hitting up celebrity hotspot The Chateau Marmont. One thing is for sure, this is not the last we’ll be seeing of these two together in public! It seems like only a matter of time before the couple makes some sort of public announcement..after all, Disneyland during Memorial Day weekend is definitely not somewhere to be if you are trying not to be seen! What do you think of the Disney date? Just friends? Or is there something more!