Emily Maynard Baby Gender Revealed!

Posted on May 12th, 2015 at 3:57 pm
True Emily Maynard SexIt's a boy for Emily Maynard! The former Bachelorette star revealed the exciting news during an interview with WCCB Charlotte News. “It’s a boy,” Maynard, who is expecting her new son in July with husband Tyler Johnson, gushed to the outlet. The soon-to-be mother-of-two revealed that her and her hubby are still working on a name for their son, who will be stepbrother to Maynard's only other child, 9-year-old daughter Ricki. “I told Tyler that [if] he gets to pick the last name for everybody, then I should pick the first name and if he wanted to pick the first name, then it can take my last name and be a Maynard!” the 28-year-old said with a chuckle. “He did not like that. We’re still compromising.” “The most different thing for me will be having Tyler here to help," Emily, whose first fiancé was killed in a 2004 helicopter crash days before she found out she was pregnant with their daughter, revealed. "I raised Ricki by myself and it’s just been the two of us for so long,” she explains. “I’m just really excited to be present. When Ricki was born, it was a really hard time in my life, and I was so young that I really don’t think I enjoyed it or soaked it in as much as I wish I could have –all those sweet baby moments.” Emily continues, “I’m just really looking forward to getting up with him and feeding him. Ask me after he’s been here for a month if I’m still excited, but right now, that’s what I’m looking forward to.” The star gushes over her now husband, whom she says has been very supportive during the entire pregnancy process. “I’ve been really sick, since like the day we found out, I feel like,” she says. “Tyler has seen me throw up in his gym bag — pretty much everywhere. So if he still finds me attractive after all of that, I think we’re good!” Just last weekend, Emily took to her Instagram to share a sweet snap from her recent maternity shoot. “Dying over the sneak peak from our maternity pics @allisonkuhnphotography took this weekend,” she wrote as a caption alongside the cute candid. “You’re amazing! Thank you to @lindseyreganthorne for making me feel so beautiful at at time when I needed it the most! Thank you @springvine for the sweetest flower crowns and @colleengeohagan for helping our pics turn out so perfect!” With nine-year-old daughter Ricki by her mama’s side looking adorable in a white dress, Maynard glowed beyond belief as the beautiful blonde dressed her baby belly in a fitted, pale blue off-the-shoulder dress. i