Vanderpump Rules Cast Makes Silence Pact To Protect Stassi Schroeder

Posted on March 17th, 2015 at 9:19 am
Exclusive Stassi Schroeder A source close to the cast of Vanderpump Rules tells RumorFix exclusively, the only reason Stassi Schroeder brought up her sex tape on Monday's reunion show is because she thought it would be edited out of the show. Why did she think that? Lisa Vanderpump tells RumorFix because "The cast protected her all season -- they were incredibly loyal." Lisa reveals that Stassi's ex came into SUR with Stassi's solo self-pleasure tape, "He comes into the bar and puts it on display. So out of curiosity they looked at it. But no one said anything about it." Stassi, who is the same age as Lisa's daughter Pandora,  was humiliated and Lisa even paid off the guy to stop him from selling it to a gossip site. "I didn't want to see it. It's digusting. I decided I'm going to pay to make it go away." Then Lisa says the cast did something no other reality TV cast would do, "The cast and myself had an unspoken agreement that nobody would mention it." Lisa, who is one of the executive producers of Vanderpump Rules, points out, "It was scandalous and juicy, but in 19 episodes there was no mention of it." Jax Taylor, Scheana Marie and all the others kept their promise even when things got heated with Stassi. "I don't believe any other reality show -- especially when she was disparaging them -- would keep their silence. I kept telling her 'They are your friends.' She should check her radar for loyalty." Lisa adds, "Unfortunately for her, everything that comes out of her mouth is negativity." Stassi couldn't resist bringing it up on the reunion show when she said, "Do you want to know why I'm so upset with Schaena?" Lisa says, "I would never have mentioned it and they never mentioned it -- she mentioned it." And once the cat was out of the bag Bravo thought it was good TV, so, of course, they didn't cut it out. "Bravo likes to show the reality," Lisa says. A source close to the cast says Stassi should beware because "there are a few other secrets about her past that were never mentioned either." Stassi has announced that she's going to launch her own podcast.