The Second Sons: The Rolling Stones Without Wrinkles

Posted on March 30th, 2015 at 8:33 am
Exclusive The Second Sons The Second Sons has released a new album, Before And After -- they say it's a "modern take on classic, soulful rock." We say it's The Rolling Stones without the wrinkles. The band that features brothers Nick Harding and Chris Harding even had the Stones' longtime saxophonist Bobby Keys play on their track "Best of Me." The story of snagging the rock 'n' roll legend is inspiring. “Chris had written a brilliant song and we needed something," Nick tells RumorFix exclusively, "There was just something missing, and we didn’t want to be that band who puts a guitar solo in the middle of a song, and we were like ‘You know what we need is a  saxophone.’ And then we said we should just get Bobby Keys. We didn’t know Bobby, we didn’t know anyone who knew Bobby -- it was just one of those things where he would be the right guy for that so let’s track him down.” Chris and Nick's producer said, "It's not going to happen," but their manager went through the regular channels and got a ridiculous price from Bobby's booking agent. The Second Sons Nick then says, “I thought, Bobby’s old school, I’m old school, why don’t I just call him. I found his Facebook page and sent an email saying, 'We are this young rock 'n' roll band. We have this record coming out, we have been fans since we were kids.' Anyway I emailed the thing and said we would love to talk about it, here’s my number what do you think? "And I didn’t hear anything back for like a day and the next morning I woke up and looked at my phone and I had a missed call from Nashville, Tennessee. And I’m like who the heck would be calling me from Nashville not expecting anything.  I checked the voicemail and it was like, 'Hello Nick, It’s Bobby Keys. I would love to play on your record. Let’s make this.'" Bobby added, "Hell this is a great little rock 'n' roll record. No one is doing this, let’s do it." The brothers said Bobby was cool working long distance with them through home studio recording technology. The legend then invited Nick and Chris to Nashville to stay at his house so they could do the next track together in the same room. "We were supposed to do a few more things with him but he was just leaving to go to Paris for rehearsal with the Stones," Nick says. " So he blew the sax on our thing, jumped on a flight to Paris to play with the Stones. And they did like 14 dates, he came back to the US for a rest and I call up my buddy who is in Nashville named Michael Webb who played the piano on the record and he said 'Bobby’s not well, and not looking too good here.' And I thought ‘OK I’ll call tomorrow.’ And the next morning I woke up and he had passed away.” Bobby died on December 2, 2014 in Franklin, Tennessee. “He was such a gentleman. He took a chance on an unknown band. He blew it with us and no one knew us. He believed in it," Nick says. The Second Sons recording of "Best of Me," has one of the last solos by the great Bobby Keys. Nick, who has moves like Jagger, performed a set from their new album with his band recently at Boardner's in Hollywood and RumorFix was there. The Second Sons Fashion designer Romona Keveza was in the audience and told me that Nick's brother, Chris, who plays the guitar, "is a superstar." The Second Sons The old school rockers got their band name because they are both second sons. Nick is their father's second son (their dad was previously married) and Chris is their mother's second son. The boys, who are also a writing team, have 50 more songs they need to record so they are going to a recording studio in England. In the meantime what are their hopes for The Second Sons? “Someone's gotta retire soon and someone's got to be the new king," Nick says. "Someone's got to keep it going, Someone's got to keep rock 'n' roll alive. I don’t see a more suitable candidate than myself and my brother. Not to sound arrogant but f**k it! If you work hard and mean it and do it right, then there’s no stopping you. I want to carry the torch forward with good music. Those boys did a great job but we will take it from here.” Their first single "Break Your Heart" is now available for download. Photo Credit: Samantha Fielding