Milla Jovovich Huge Baby Bump

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 at 5:44 pm
True Milla Jovovich Huge Baby Bump Milla Jovovich is one happy pregnant lady and she is proudly displaying her huge baby bump! The Resident Evil actress, who is chronicling her pregnancy on Facebook, is due in just over a month. She recently wrote, "Our doc said this little one is growing so fast that our due date could be moving up by as much as a week! We are so excited, especially me because this little girl is getting to be so big, it’s becoming more and more difficult to function normally! lol!" Milla was snapped on Tuesday in Los Angeles with her mom -- and dare we say she was glowing. Milla Jovovich Huge Baby Bump   Mila, who is expecting her second child with her director husband Paul W.S. Anderson, has packed on at least 30 pounds. But, she is keeping it under control, writing, "I’ve been trying to really lead the healthiest lifestyle possible (with out torturing myself!) to make sure I stay in the best (pregnancy) shape I can. The part that makes this so much easier to achieve is that the healthier my body is, the healthier my baby will be, so it’s win/win for everyone!" The A-list actress is expected to go back to work in June to work on one film and in August to starting filming Resident Evil -- The Final Chapter.