Lisa Vanderpump On Stassi Schroeder Sex Tape: ‘I Tried To Protect Her’

Posted on March 16th, 2015 at 5:13 pm
Exclusive Stassi Schroeder Sex Tape Lisa Vanderpump is breaking her silence on the biggest scandal to rock Vanderpump Rules -- the Stassi Schroeder sex tape. RumorFix reported earlier on Monday that the successful restauranteur paid "a lot of money" to a man who was trying to sell a self-pleasure video of Stassi to keep it from going public. Lisa now tells RumorFix, "It's obviously out there.  I tried to do everything I could to protect her. I hope she can move past it." We are told Lisa, herself tracked down the seller of the tape and begged a gossip site not to publish the story months ago. She was successful. But as the Vanderpump Rules reunion show was about to air, word leaked about the graphic tape. A source close to the cast told us the entire cast has seen the tape and to their credit no one leaked the story. Lisa adds, "When you're young sometimes you do stupid things." So did Lisa see the tape herself? "I could have seen it," she says, "but I was more interested in protecting her!" The reality show titan says, "This may explain the attitude Stassi's had for the cast although they were very loyal to her."