Lisa Vanderpump: I Hope Brandi Glanville Learns From Her Mistakes

Posted on March 11th, 2015 at 12:34 pm
Exclusive Brandi Glanville slaps lisa vanderpump It was the slap that was heard around the reality world: Brandi Glanville slapped Lisa Vanderpump on Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In an exclusive interview, the British restaurant owner tells RumorFix, "I hope Brandi has learned from her mistakes." Here's how the scene played out. Brandi was joking around with Lisa and tried to kiss her. On the clip you can see that Lisa is horrified, saying, "No, no, no no. No I don't want to do that." Lisa tells us exclusively, "I don't want to kiss anyone but my husband." Then you see Brandi shoving Lisa, to which Lisa says, "I will slap you." Of course, Lisa isn't going to slap her! But Brandi challenges her to do it adding, "If you hit me, I'll hit you back." Lisa then delivers her famous line from last week's trailer, "Pick on somebody your own size." Then Brandi slaps her. Lisa tells us, "It wasn't just a slap, she clearly shoved me first. How it looked and how it felt are different." The reality show queen was incensed and tells us, "I went to the bathroom to get myself together." She points out, "I didn't overplay it. And, I've never magnified anything to get people on my side. Even when they ganged up on me in Puerto Rico last year, I didn't exaggerate it. I didn't want to create additional drama like some would do." To her credit, Lisa never talks about a story line until it has appeared on the show and then she explains her side of the story.