Jussie Smollett Will Win Awards & Do World Tours, Says Rafael De La Fuente

Posted on March 18th, 2015 at 5:43 pm
Exclusive Jussie Smollett Besides everybody's favorite -- Cookie played by Taraji P. Henson -- Jussie Smollett's Jamal is the breakout star on Empire. And, RumorFix spoke exclusively to Rafael De La Fuente, who plays Jamal's ex boyfriend Michael Sanchez. The sexy Venezuelan, says, "Jussie is one of the most generous artists I've ever worked with. We felt comfortable with each other right away and we both had the intention of making Jamal and Michael's relationship one that the audience would be touched by and identify with." jussie smollett Rafael, who was fresh off of some telenovelas on Telemundo, says he lucked out getting the role of a lifetime. "I auditioned for it and BOOM. Miracles can happen and they DO," he tells us. cookie-and-michael The 28-year-old Latin hunk says he knew Empire would be a hit because, "It is just TOO good on every level, but the movement it has become is really exciting and incredibly rewarding." Rafael calls Taraji "a force of nature" and describes the rest of the actors as "the DOPEST cast in the world." As for his on-screen ex-boyfriend, Rafael says, "Jussie is a legend." He predicts Jussie's future holds "multiplatinum albums, world tours and more acting. Awards, awards, awards." That's some prediction. And,what's next for himself? The enthusiastic actor says "The World." rafael-de-la-fuente-head-shot rafael-de-la-fuente-come-hither-look We don't doubt it!