Heidi Montag Is Mad At Me, Says Natalie Nunn

Posted on March 13th, 2015 at 4:41 pm
Exclusive Natalie Nunn Heidi Montag When this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars started, Natalie Nunn told RumorFix that she became fast friends with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. But what a difference a season makes. On Friday as the finale of the show appears on WE TV, Natalie tells RumorFix exclusively, "Heidi doesn't talk to me anymore. We used to Face Time every day. She's mad at me." Natalie says things were fine until the episodes started airing. Then she started getting texts from The Hills star saying things like, "You're mean." The Bad Girls Club alum admits she made Heidi the butt of jokes, but she contends they were harmless. At one point Natalie said, "I better be careful giving Heidi a hug, I don't want her nose to collapse." Natalie Nunn Heidi Montag Natalie says her fans thought it was hilarious, but Heidi was upset. "I come from Bad Girls Club where we say things like that. We're real. Heidi was so mad when I kept it real," she says. Then there was the time when Heidi and Spencer were in mock Divorce Court and the judge awarded them no money because they live at Spencer's parents home and have no assets and no money. So Natalie jokes, "Of course there's no money, Heidi spends so much on surgery." That was when Heidi texted "I'm done. We are no longer friends." Natalie says she learned that the woman famous for having 1o plastic surgery procedures in one day is insecure and very sensitive."I’m really Heidi’s friend," Natalie insists, "I made little jabs they weren’t shots fired – it was just like picking on friends. Relax!" Natalie says she was just saying what everyone at home was thinking. Although Heidi isn't talking to Natalie anymore, Spencer continues to text Natalie's husband, Jacob Payne -- especially on Sundays because they both love Walking Dead. Natalie says Spencer is a reality king, "he gets it," but she doesn't understand why Heidi hasn't figured out the game yet. Natalie hopes that now that Marriage Boot Camp is over they can re-instate their friendship. "I'm really sad we're not friends anymore," Natalie says, "I really like that plastic b*tch." The finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday at 9 p.m. on WE.