Dakota Johnson In Saturday Night Live ISIS Storm

Posted on March 1st, 2015 at 9:34 am
True Dakota Johnson In Saturday Night Live ISIS Storm Dakota Johnson is in the middle of a storm after an ISIS skit on Saturday Night Live. The video parody of the car commercial of her joining ISIS upset a lot of viewers. It sees her as a young girl joining the Islamic terror group and not the US army instead. The segment played the same as the recent My Bold Dad advert in which a sad father drops off his daughter to join the military in his Toyota Camry. This touching commercial first aired during the 2015 Super Bowl commercial and was seen as a touching tribute to families separated by loved ones who go into military service. In the Saturday Night Live version comic Taran Killam drops off his daughter Dakota Johnson and as he tearfully says goodbye to her she says to him: "Dad, it's just ISIS." The terror group has gained global recognition through videoing public beheadings and burning other prisoners alive to garner attention to their vicious regime. And the SNL skit immediately provoked a response around the Internet. One fan wrote on Twitter: "I think the ISIS skit was over the line. Not funny, guys ... some things are not joke material. That was really, REALLY bad. " Another added:"@nbcsnl I have watched SNL from the 1st show 40 yrs. ago. Stayed up to watch last night. Will never watch again! ISIS is no joke! " One irate viewer wrote: "3 young girls are somewhere in Syria tonight because they got mesmerized by ISIS, family is sick with worry and you do this? " While the majority of the response was negative some viewers did say that they found the sketch hilarious. The actress also took part in a Star Trek and Fifty Shades Of Grey comedy skits also on SNL. What do you think ... should Dakota Johnson and SNL have done the ISIS sketch? Dakota Johnson In Saturday Night Live ISIS Storm