Cheryl Burke Fat Shaming Led Her To Help ‘Dancing Man’

Posted on March 10th, 2015 at 2:58 pm
Exclusive Cheryl Burke Fat ShamingWe've told you about Cheryl Burke's generous offer to teach "Dancing Man" some moves for his big dance party. Now RumorFix has learned about some of the motivation behind the offer. She tells us "I read about Dancing Man yesterday while on set and his story really resonated with me, both as someone who loves to dance and someone who has experienced body shaming." The 30-year-old added "It would be an honor for me to be able to dance with him and teach him some steps.  No one should ever feel ashamed to express themselves through dance." Cheryl is no stranger to body bullies online. As the seventh season premiere of Dancing With The Stars came along, so did cruel taunts saying she'd become "fat." She did admit that she was aware she had put on a few pounds while on vacation before the season began, but nothing to the degree that it should have been the target of cruel taunts. At the time, she told People of the cruel comments "I have gone home at night and cried about it. How can someone write that someone who is not fat is fat? There's no way I'll ever be able to ignore it and pretend I'm fine." We think Cheryl's offer is wonderful and we hope Sean from London takes her up on her amazing dance and choreography skills!