Lupita Nyong’o Oscar Dress Recovered

Posted on February 27th, 2015 at 5:23 pm
True Lupita Nyong'o Oscar Dress The Lupita Nyong'o Oscar dress caper is over, RumorFix has confirmed. That spectacular Calvin Klein gown with 6,000 pearls and is valued at $150,000 was stolen from the actress' hotel room on Wednesday. The 12 Years A Slave actress wasn't in the room at the time of the crime. Lupita Nyong'o Oscar Dress The thief called TMZ on Friday and told the website that he left the gown at the London Hotel in West Hollywood where he found it and claimed it was a worthless fake. LA County Sheriff's Department confirm they recovered the dress. The thief says he took the dress to the garment district in Downtown Los Angeles and was told the pearls were fake.