Joy Villa: Grammys Worst Dressed List Best Thing That Happened To Her

Posted on February 17th, 2015 at 12:48 pm
Exclusive Joy Villa Grammys Worst Dressed Getting on the Grammys "Worst Dressed List" is probably one of the best things that has happened to Joy Villa in a long time. The singer tells RumorFix she'll never forget the music awards show because she was confused for Keyshia Cole and complimented by Kelly Osbourne for her dress made out of orange traffic material. Joy says when she saw the dress, she knew she had to have it. "My dear friend Andre Soriano [Villa’s stylist], is an amazing creative mind and a true artist. I got in touch with him trough my stylist Heathyr Wolfe in LA, we clicked and he brought out this craziest, most wonderful dress I’d ever seen. I thought about it for three minutes then told him, 'Yes, that’s my Grammys dress!’ Joy tells us. The dress, which was featured on Rihanna’s reality show Styled to Rock, had everyone on Twitter talking and it even spawned some memes. Joy Villa Grammys Worst Dressed Joy Villa Grammys Worst Dressed "All the memes are hilarious! I can’t stop laughing as I scroll through what my fans are sending me. I just think, 'This is about me, this is my life' and it’s great. If you can’t laugh at yourself what’s the point of being an entertainer?" she tells RumorFix exclusively. The Twitterverse wasn’t the only place where Joy's name was on everyone’s lips. Fashion Police star Kelly Osbourne was entranced by the dress and even gave her a shout out on live television. Joy Villa Grammys Worst Dressed "Kelly was the best, she actually told me she was staring at me all down the red carpet and her assistants rushed me in for her Fashion 360 cam. She said she was happy to see somebody taking a chance, because that’s why she loves the Grammys. I love that she mentioned me on Jimmy Kimmel this week as well; she’s absolutely a lovely person inside and out." Joy says. Because of all the media attention, she was actually mistaken for R&B superstar, Keyshia Cole! Cole took to Twitter and responded to Villa regarding the mistaken identity telling to to "StopTrafficBabe." Joy Villa Grammys Worst Dressed Although Joy is new to the spotlight, this is definitely not the last we will be hearing from her. She just released a new music video for her single, ”Vagabonds," which was shot over two days in Bali and now she is on a world tour promoting her album, I Make The Static. Joy says, "I wanted to explore lyrical concepts of sorrow, change, growth, powerlessness, control, addiction, sensuality, and my gypsy lifestyle blended into rock guitars, crunchy drumbeats, sensual vocals and melodic pop elements." You can buy her new CD here. Reporting by Raul Ruelas