Greg Plitt Had A Will But It Was Never Notarized

Posted on February 24th, 2015 at 1:52 pm
Exclusive greg plitt will RumorFix has learned exclusively that fitness model Greg Plitt had a will, but it was never notarized. The 37-year-old, who was a millionaire at his death in January, was planning on leaving his entire estate to his parents. He did not have a wife or children. "He had drawn up his will, but never got it notarized," a source close to the family tells us. To make a will valid it must be witnessed by two people. RumorFix has also learned that a week before Greg's tragic death, where he was killed by a train, he had completed a product that he worked on for months called the "MetaBall." Greg Plitt will Greg had been picked as the spokesman for the exercise ball, but the company went out of business. Our family insider tells us Greg was so impressed with the product that he bought the rights to it and oversaw the development of it himself. The ball is designed to replace a medicine ball, kettle bell, dumbbells and push up stands. Although Greg was criticized for promoting the commercial product, he thought it would be perfect for women who wanted to work out at home. His family intends on following through with his vision to market and sell it. We also have learned that Greg's robust website will continue to be maintained by his family. "There are lots of unreleased videos," our source says, "Greg wanted it to be a video encyclopedia for people going to the gym."