The Brian Williams Katrina Story Is True, Says Kurt Knutsson

Posted on February 9th, 2015 at 12:52 pm
Exclusive Brian Williams Katrina story is true Brian Williams, who is under fire for lying about being in a chopper that was under attack during the Iraq war, DID NOT lie about his account of Hurricane Katrina, RumorFix is reporting exclusively. After the hurricane in 2005, Williams went to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans and reported he saw a dead body float by. But now the U.S. Army commander of the joint task force during Hurricane Katrina calls Williams' story "suspect." Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré told CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday that the flooding around the Ritz-Carlton would likely not have been high enough, as there was relatively little flooding in the French Quarter. RumorFix spoke exclusively with Kurt "The CyberGuy" Knutsson, who was trapped at the Ritz during the hurricane and he says Williams was not lying. Kurt, who appears on Fox & Friends and Today Kathie Lee & Hoda, disputes Honore's account saying, "The hotel was surrounded by nine feet of water at the front entry portion and about four to five feet at the rear of the hotel making it still impossible to get through since so much dangerous debris was in the murky water that could injure yourself with. When I attempted to exit the hotel the day after the storm not knowing the levee had broken, I encountered water level at the bottom of the fire escape stairs that was higher than the ground floor doorway. The nearest dry spot was four blocks toward the river from the hotel location. No one was coming and going." Knutsson tells us it's important to remember the water level around the hotel was at it's maximum the day after the hurricane hit and after the levee break flooded the city. Kurt also provided these photos (taken from the Ritz) showing the massive flooding in the French Quarter: Brian Williams Katrina story about bodies floating is true Brian Williams Katrina flooding story is true As far as seeing floating bodies, Knutsson says it's true,  "I saw two dead dogs floating and one dead man floating by. I stopped trying to identify what also appeared to be other bodies at some point once I realized it was very disturbing to other people and also to me while trapped within. There was nothing that could be done about it so it was better to not discuss while inside the hotel. "Williams' account of Katrina is true… all too sadly true. It is upsetting to me now recounting it. I’m sure he also feels some post trauma from it," Knutsson says.