Amber Rose Writing Tell-All Book — Watch Out Kim Kardashian

Posted on February 26th, 2015 at 9:30 am
True Amber Rose Writing Tell-All Book Amber Rose, who considers herself a “bad bitch" is writing a tell-all book, RumorFix has confirmed. The book will be titled -- you guessed it, How To Be A Bad Bitch. “A ‘bad bitch’ is a self-respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances and swagger; a woman who gets her by any means necessary," the 31-year-old said in a press release obtained by RumorFix. Amber will release the book with Simon & Schuster's imprint Gallery Books later this year with a release date slated for October 27, 2015. Vice President of Gallery Books, Jennifer Bergstrom, released a statement saying, “Amber Rose is the ultimate cool girl who you want to be best friends with. I know a lot of women who will want to read this book." Amber will also have the power of famed photographer David LaChapelle behind her as he has signed on to shoot Rose for the cover. The press release describes the book as "a girl’s guide -- covering love, beauty, fashion, finances, and career, with an emphasis on confidence and self-acceptance." Amber says, “In today’s world, with technology and social media continuing to explode, there are just so many avenues of self-expression and opportunities to have your voice heard. But the most classic and powerful tool still remains in publishing a book. It is such a blessed opportunity for me to be able to do this with my friends at Simon & Schuster and their Gallery Books imprint. Not only do I have something to say, but also something to show.” Amber has made headlines recently for her Twitter feuds with the Kardashian sisters, so fans are wondering if Kanye West's ex is going to reveal secrets about Kim Kardashian in the book. We can’t wait to see what details she has to offer in her new book … will you be picking up a copy? Reporting by Raul Ruelas