Stanford Prison Experiment Features 25 Up & Coming Actors

Posted on January 29th, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Sundance 2015 stanford-prison-experiment-prisoners RumorFix got a chance to catch up with the cast of The Stanford Prison Experiment at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend giving us even more reasons to want to watch the film. The movie is based on the true story of Dr. Philip Zimbardo and his 1971 prison simulation experiment. Billy Crudup who plays the infamous doctor in the film, took a second to bust the rumor that he only chooses to play gritty roles, “I have been so lucky with the roles that I’ve gotten I will take them wherever they come.” He had this message for casting directors: “If anybody in a big Hollywood studio wants to offer me a part right now, I’m ready.” You heard him Hollywood Billy Crudup is waiting! Stanford Prison Experiment After speaking to various cast members it seems as though everyone had different reason for wanting to be apart of the film. "This was so awesome," says Matt Bennett."Huge cast 25 people. And each one I think in 10 years you're going to be looking back at this film -- like how did they get all these people?" Ki Hong Lee, who plays Gavin Chan, studied the experiment while in college and found it very interesting, “To get a chance to be involved in a project like this you know, I’ve kinda come full circle.” The movie was dominated by male actors so its safe to assume that there were all kinds of antics going on during filming and from what Callan McAuliffe told us are thoughts are more reassured, “ It’s all fantastic because we’re all rowdy and we’re all immature yet mature enough to be professional at the same time.” While walking down the red carpet at the festival cast members were seen photo bombing one another all in good fun because who needs a serious picture anyways? Reporting by: Bridget Vargas