Secret To Hanging With Kevin Bacon And Jack Black At Sundance

Posted on January 28th, 2015 at 3:34 pm
Sundance 2015 Kevin Bacon And Jack Black At Sundance Yes, Melissa Leonard is one of the top realtors in Philadelphia, but why does she have so much clout in Sundance that she's hanging out with the likes of Kevin Bacon and Jack Black? The energetic woman told RumorFix her secret to getting into the hottest parties, movie premieres and lounges in Park City, Utah. "The biggest thing is to talk to everybody," she tells us. She targets producers, who usually can bring a plus one to an event. "They bring you in and here you are at a celebrity's premiere meeting a celebrity, taking pictures and having a good time and they think you’re in the business and you’re not," she explains.

You Must Start On Sundance In October

Melissa makes it sound easy. Don't buy it. The real estate agent, who got into 10 parties in five days, has been working on her Sundance experience since October. Since she was at the film festival last year, she kept everybody's phone numbers and "I contacted everybody saying I was going to be back and if they thought of anything they could put me on a list for or invite me and my friends to." The brunette doesn't work the bouncers or security guards like some girls do, she looks for people in the business or folks running the Sundance lounges. Her strategy worked because she hung out with Kristen Wiig at her premiere party for Diary Of A Teenage Girl and she was invited to the party for Ten Thousand Saints, that starred Ethan Hawke and Emile Hirsch. She went to the McDonalds McCafe Lounge, talked with Kevin Bacon and took a selfie. And she saw Jack Black two days in a row -- he remembered her and "He ended up talking with me -- we had this great conversation, it was nice." Kevin Bacon and Jack Black at Sundance And, Melissa's lucky streak didn't end there. She went to the 1Oak pop up bar "and someone pulled me onto the stage and the next thing Wu-Tang clan came in and they said 'Stay here with us' for their after private party. I was with them for like another hour dancing with their friends hanging out." She says there are two important characteristics for the perfect Sundance party guest, be a nice person and show your appreciation.