Ron Livingston, Jake Johnson Play Each Other After Interviewer Confuses Them [VIDEO]

Posted on January 27th, 2015 at 6:33 am
Sundance 2015
Perhaps the altitude got to our RumorFix editor-in-chief, Richard Ayoub, because he confused Ron Livingston for Jake Johnson during an interview at Sundance Film Festival! But being the brilliant actors that they are, the Digging For Fire stars played along with it--acting as each other, resulting in a hilarious interview! "I'm going to get you in some trouble," Livingston says to Johnson after RumorFix mistook the two. "I heard about it [Drinking For Fire] for a long time--I did a movie with Ron and Joe Swanberg that was Drinking Buddies, and then Joe talked to your [Johnson's] wife," says real-life Ron, pretending to be Jake. "Yep--Roemarie DeWitt...And we did another one [film]," Jake explains, finishing Ron's sentence. In an earlier interview, filmmaker Swanberg described the plot of the film as, "It’s a love story about a husband and wife, Jake Johnson and Rosemarie DeWitt. It’s about the pleasures and pains of building a family with someone, and maintaining the excitement of a relationship over a long period of time. " Jake Johnson continues, "In the Swanberg world, he likes to keep the same actors and the same crew as often as possible so we did the second one, and hopefully people like this one, and we get to do a third and a fourth and a fifth." So, do they have a third flick already lined up? Nope, they have to see how this one goes first, the two told us. But then, being the funny-guy that he is, Livingston gets back into his Jake Johnson character and says, "Nope, [a third film is not in the works] yet, my schedule is kind of locked down with the show so I'm really busy with that," he jokes about Johnson, who is also the star of the TV show New Girl. Great talking to you, guys!