Jennifer Lopez Wants Charlie Hunnam Seduction

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 at 9:56 am
True jennifer lopez wants charlie hunnamEver wonder who Jennifer Lopez' dream men could be? The sizzling star revealed which male celebs she's most like to be seduced by on Wednesday's Wendy Williams Show. Sitting in the hot seat, J-Lo was asked a series of revealing questions. One of which was "which Hollywood star in real life would she like to be seduced by?" "There's a few" Jennifer responded. Asked if it would be someone like the boy next door, referring to the 45-year-old's new film where she has a torrid affair with an 18-year-old neighbor she noted "I wouldn't go boy... man next door." Wendy suggested Kevin Costner which Jennifer quickly dismissed. "More like Charlie Hunnam, or Tom James Marsden.  Guys like that." REALLY ? Any of those combos would be amazing!  Are you listening Charlie Hunnam?  Jennifer Lopez wants to be seduced by you!