What Happened To Johnny Depp’s Face?

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 at 8:04 am
Still A Rumor johnny depp's faceJohnny Depp's face is looking pretty different these days. The actor turned heads on the Mortdecai red carpet in Los Angeles Wednesday night, but mainly because of his bloated and jowly look. While the star is 51-years-old, he's always maintained his handsome, chiseled looks over the years. Especially his strong jaw line. But Depp arrived at the film's premiere looking tired, with bags around his eyes and sagging skin around his neck. While this look may be normal for someone his age, it wasn't all that long ago that he still had his movie star looks. The star has been known for his hard partying lifestyle, with his last big public appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards where he appeared to present an award. But he was so apparently intoxicated he slurred his words and had problems standing upright. The art-heist comedy has so far not won over critics, with only an 11 percent "fresh" meter on the critical aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer called it "psychotically unfunny" and actually doubted there could be a worse film to come along in the rest of 2015. Whatever is going on, we hope Johnny's okay.johnny depp's face