Gina Rodriguez Has Golden Globes Glow At Sundance

Posted on January 23rd, 2015 at 8:33 pm
Sundance 2015
Gina Rodriguez is glowing -- and we know why! The Jane The Virgin star is still celebrating her Golden Globes win at the Sundance Film Festival. The popular actress moved the audience with her speech after she collected the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV comedy. She told RumorFix's celebrity correspondent Gretchen Rossi how the honor feels two weeks later. Gina said, "It feels incredible doing what you love -- that is clearly a gift -- but to be recognized on a bigger scale brings more eyes to the show and that is all I really want." The Puerto Rican beauty is being tipped as the next big thing following the breakout success of the CW show on television. The 30-year-old from Chicago has really struck a chord playing Jane Villanueva on Jane The Virgin and she explained to Gretchen the difference from appearing in a movie and a popular television show. She explained, "With films you live with them for a short amount of time and then the long process is the press and getting it out there and hoping that people will watch it but for Jane I am there five days a week, I have been there for almost eight months it is just ... and I literally give birth on the show, so it is like giving birth whatever that might feel like." The actress is obviously having a lot of fun attending the Sundance Film Festival mingling with other actors and movie makers as her stock continues to go on the rise after her Golden Globes victory. Things have not always been so easy for the actress who was struck down by thyroid disease when she was only 19 making it very difficult for her to lose weight. However, these days she is feeling very healthy and is totally optimistic about what the future holds as she gets more and more offers to do parts that excite her. You go Gina!