Common ‘Honored’ For Oscar Nomination For Glory [VIDEO]

Posted on January 27th, 2015 at 5:26 am
Sundance 2015
It's been a good week for Common. The singer/performer has been nominated for an Oscar for for his song "Glory" in the hit box office movie Selma. "I'm excited, we're excited. Honored to be Osacar nominated and be apart of Selma is a blessing," the rapper tells RumorFix exclusively at Sundance. But better yet, the star had a very memorable moment when Prince graced the Golden Globes stage to give out the award for best original song, which went to John Legend and Common for "Glory". "That was a magic moment to have Prince introduce the nominees and then to receive the award was a special time," Commmon gushes, adding, "And we're really happy to be part of something that transcends as art and is really there to inspire and people and move people." And Common's new song isn't only making an impact on those who are still with us, but is also honoring those who are not. On Sunday evening, as part of its Music and Film series, the festival sponsored a Nina Simone tribute concert, with performances by Common and other artists. Opening up to RumorFix about the tribute, Common says, "Yes, [the tribute was] for a film coming out called What Happened To Miss Simone--it's a Netflix film that's really good about Nina Simone, and we got to perform-- there was great artists there all making tributes to Simone--one the the fun times I had, and I love Sundance." And Sundance love you too, Common!