Nikki Lund: Richie Sambora Is Great In Bed, We’ve Been Dating For Years

Posted on December 2nd, 2014 at 10:38 am
Exclusive Nikki Rich Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund After denying it for years, designer Nikki Lund is finally admitting that she and Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora have been dating off-and-on for eight years, RumorFix is reporting exclusively. In fact, while promoting her single "This Is It", Nikki revealed on Playboy Morning Show, "Richie is amazing in bed." Nikki tells RumorFix, "I got put on the spot with that one today." She says after keeping this secret for years, "Richie gave me the OK this morning. He just said, 'You better tell them I'm good in bed!'" She did! She also told us, "He’s got an amazing heart – he’s a great guy. That's more important than having a good d*ck." The designer turned singer says they waited this long to reveal the truth because, "He has a daughter and a family and we have to respect that." The couple, who are partners in the Nikki Rich clothing line, recently rekindled their relationship while shooting a billboard for Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. A close friend tells us, "The day of billboard shoot they rekindled their love – they were seen going into the Chateau Marmot and they never left." Richie Sambora Nikki Lund Billboard shoot Nikki Rich Billboard with Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund But, Nikki tells us they are not dating at this moment. If you do the math, you might realize that Nikki and Richie's romance overlaps with Richie's rekindled relationship with Denise Richards. "Was there overlap? There could have been," Nikki tells us, "I don't know. We might have slipped some in here and there. Oops!" So why keep this secret anyway? "Business is first. Our business is legitimate -- it wasn't a priority. It didn't matter," she tells us. "We have a business and we're having a little fun." She adds, "I love him and he’s an amazing person and we have a really good business. We have a great friendship with that comes sexual chemistry that you can’t deny." The blonde bombshell who says she's a "very sexual person and I love having sex" reveals "there's no sh*t between us," in fact, she's dating someone else right now -- he's also a musician. "It's a good relationship and good sex too," she says. "My mama gave me tits and ass for a reason." Richie is reportedly dating Australian guitarist Orianthi.