Lark Voorhies Worries Friends Over Zombie-Like Appearance

Posted on December 10th, 2014 at 5:45 am
Exclusive Lark Voorhies Worries Friends Over New Disturbing AppearanceThere's no doubt Lark Voorhies is looking rough these days, and the actress' declining appearance is starting to have friends worried. The former Saved By The Bell star took to her personal Facebook page on Tuesday to post a very cryptic photograph of herself looking more worn out than we've ever seen her before. While her hair looks nicely put together, Voorhies has her pals troubled over her zombie-like appearance, sporting dark circles around her droopy tired eyes and dark and discolored bumpy blotches on her cheeks, forehead, and nose. PHOTOS: Lark Voorhies Bizarre Look Several of Lark's friends commented on the post expressing concern over the star's increasingly disturbing look. A handful of people simply replied, "Are you ok?" with others telling her to call them and sending "peace and prayers" her way while urging the 40-year-old to "take care of yourself" and "get some sleep," adding that she's not looking like herself. In fall of 2012, the star's mother Tricia told People magazine that her daughter had Bipolar disorder, causing Lark's change in appearance, but Lark later denied her mother's claims that she's battling a mental disorder. We too hope Lark is OK!