Instagram Purge Hurts Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, J-Woww & Rihanna

Posted on December 19th, 2014 at 5:51 pm
True Instagram purge affects Kim Kardashian The Instagram purge is affecting some of pop culture's biggest celebrities and it even toppled Justin Bieber as most followed star on the social network, RumorFix is reporting. On Thursday, Instagram handed out verified badges for celebrities and they deactivated millions of spammy accounts. The badges helped celebrities like Big Sean, who got the coveted check mark. Instagram purge gets Big Sean Verified But many celebrities lost hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers. One of the biggest losers was rapper Ma$e who lost 1.5 million followers and has now deleted his account. Instagram purge for rapper Ma$e Jersey Shore's J-Woww suffered a huge drop from 2.6 million to 116,000 and Demi Lovato lost 428,000 followers instantly. @FreakingTrue on Twitter said it best, when she tweeted this photo and this caption: "Everyone on Instagram right now." I Am Not famous anymore paper bag That's not true for everyone -- they just aren't as famous. In fact, Justin Bieber was unseated as the most-followed Instagram user. He lost 3.5 million followers leaving him at 20.3 million. Instagram purge Justin Bieber So that makes Kim Kardashian the queen of Instagram with her 22.2 million followers -- that's after a loss of 1.3 million in 24 hours. Kim Kardashian Instagram Profile Rihanna lost about 1.15 million followers leaving her at 13.3 million. rihanna Instagram Here are some other big losers:
  • Akon lost 2.45 million, he remains at 1.9 million
  • Tyga lost 2.12 million, he remains at 3.56 million
  • Diddy lost 1.04 million, he remains at 3.61 million
  • Bruno Mars lost 881,383, he remains at 2.8 million
  • Bella Thorne lost 502,607, he remains at 3.37 million