Camille Grammer: ‘I’ve Found My Life’s Purpose’

Posted on November 21st, 2014 at 10:28 am
Exclusive RHOBH Camille Grammer in sky blue top This past year of Camille Grammer's life has been a living hell -- fighting Stage 2 Endometrial Cancer. But, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is in remission now and it helped her find her "life's purpose." Camille is now in talks to be a celebrity spokeswoman for the Foundation for Women's Cancer. She tells RumorFix exclusively, "They were doing this 5K race in Washington, D.C. and they found me on Twitter and asked me to come down. I said, 'Absolutely.'" With just over a week's notice, she set up a team called "Camille's Crusaders" and she raised the second highest amount of money -- more than $16,000. "I'm proud of the girls who came and joined me," Camille says. "It was emotional, uplifting and inspiring." Camille says, "This is my passion right now. I am a third generation to battle cancer. I watched my grandmother suffer. I was there when my mom had chemo and I've gone through it myself." The reality star's mom, Maureen Donatacci, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her grandmother had uterine cancer. They all had GYN cancer, so Camille says she is putting all her efforts to bring awareness to female cancers below the belt. "A lot of these cancers are asymptomatic," Camille says, "and when they come on they are in later stages." When Camille discovered her cancer, she was already in Stage 2, "This kind of cancer I had was very aggressive. In three months I went from no cancer to Stage 2. If I waited any longer I could have had Stage 3 or 4." The RHOBH star says she's grateful for her TV show, "because of Housewives, I have a platform and a voice to raise awareness and why not? I had a really difficult year and I'm turning lemons into lemonade."