How Dr. Bill Dorfman Transformed Into The Flash — Exclusive

Posted on October 28th, 2014 at 5:42 pm
Exclusive dr. bill dorfman To his patients, Dr. Bill Dorfman is a superhero, so it makes sense that he played one for Halloween. Those muscles you see there -- are not fake. They belong to America's favorite dentist, who amazingly is in his 50s. Dr. Dorfman tells RumorFix the process from dentist to The Flash merely took 45 minutes of body paint and years of working out. The artist is named Happy. "You can tell that he does a great job of making everybody around him happy by doing body painting," the Extreme Makeover doctor tells us. The first coat is a fluorescent coat that sticks to the skin and to the layers of paint. Once all of the paint has been sprayed over the body, it is hard and does not rub off. dr,-dorfman-being-sprayed dr-dorfman-white-paint And here's the spectacular end result: dr-dorfman-and-happy The true mark of success? The costume was able to attract the attention of Playboy's Miss September 2014 at Saturday's Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. william-dorfman-with-playboy-model The good doctor has a history of being a superhero. Last year, he was the Green Lantern. dr.-dorfman-green-lantern Captain America next year?