Jim Marchese Defends His Manhood To Dina Manzo

Posted on September 8th, 2014 at 2:18 pm
Exclusive real housewives of new jersey James marchese If you're wondering why Bravo brought Dina Manzo back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- it's because she brings the drama on camera and off. This email thread between Dina and Amber Marchese's husband, Jim Marchese, is a prime example: Dina Manzo tweet criticizing Jim Marchese's penis   Jim is giving his stinging response to RumorFix exclusively: “Dina was married for 10 years, had no children, so I understand her contempt for male genitals, as they clearly failed her. With my beautiful wife and four wonderful children we know which one of the guys out of us actually has functioning private parts. As per the strap on comments, from what I’ve heard, Dina definitely wears the strap on in her relationship, so she should stop confusing me with her soon to be ex.”

Jim Marchese: No Name Calling By Me

Jim continued, “For the record -- someone had tweeted the quote to me and I didn’t call anyone names and I wasn’t abusive. Clearly, Dina’s sensitive. What I meant was it was kind of funny having a friend and never asking a question like 'Hey how are you doing?' It struck me as funny. How could you actually have a friend and never ask them a question? “Another thing I found funny about it is that Dina has no problem talking about things on the show, and then pretends like she’s not on a reality show. Teresa [Giudice] went on this season knowing her legal troubles. It’s a reality show. Did Dina really think that no one was going to ask Teresa what was going on when we literally were watching the news and getting reports that she was having legal troubles? What’s the point of the show?” Who's side are you on?