Chuy Bravo Dreams Of Hosting Talk Show With Khloe Kardashian

Posted on September 12th, 2014 at 8:16 am
Exclusive Chuy Bravo To Host Talk Show With Khloe KardashianAfter seven long years, Chelsea Handler is saying goodbye to Chuy Bravo as her trusty sidekick. Chuy starred alongside Handler on her long-running E! series Chelsea Lately, but as of now it doesn't appear as though Chuy will be on her Netflix show. So the next question is -- what's next for Chuy? RumorFix sat down exclusively with the pint-sized star who tells us he's taking this time to "relax for once and take care of personal business." After taking in his much needed R&R, Chuy will continue to reach for the stars, telling us he'd love to co-host a show with none other than Khloe Kardashian! Bravo gushed about the reality star, recalling the time when Kardashian guest hosted Chelsea, "She's very smart and I think she would do a very good job [at hosting a show]. She's like Chelsea, she comes up with crazy ideas and just says whatever," he tells us. He remembers, "When we were saying goodbye, I hugged her, she said, 'Oh Chuy you're rubbing my ass!" If he and Khloe were to ever host a show together, they'd discuss topics like "sports, basketball, and football--they [the Kardashians] love that kind of stuff!" His favorite guests on the show were Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Aniston: "They were so beautiful, so nice, so down to earth." The ladies man says when they came to the show, he love giving them hugs and kisses. Chuy admits the Chelsea Lately finale was a "very sad" time for him, telling us that it wasn't easy leaving the cast and crew, who he says became his family. But the 45-year-old still has hopes for future collaborations with the funny gal, telling us that he'd be "surprised and happy" if offered a spot on Handler's upcoming Netflix gig, he says, "I'll accept any time!" Best of luck to you, Chuy!