Blonde Bombshell! Girls Star Lena Dunham Unveils Peroxide Bowl Cut

Posted on August 16th, 2014 at 8:28 am
True Dunham Girls star Lena Dunham has radically changed her look with a blonde bowl cut. Lena posted the image on Instagram with the message: "Change is good." The talented 28-year-old also wore a top with the word 'Demons' on it and very little make-up in her new reveal to her fans. The actress has just finished the fourth season of the HBO drama that has really put her on the map. After wrapping filming in New York she tweeted: "That's a wrap on season 4 of @girlsHBO - more love for the cast and crew that my little heart can contain." What do you think ... is Lena better as a a brunette or a blonde?

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