Farrah Abraham: Yes My 5-Year-Old Daughter Goes To Therapy

Posted on July 2nd, 2014 at 9:15 am
Exclusive farrah-abraham-silver-dress Teen Mom-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham tells RumorFix exclusively that her five-year-old daughter Sophia is going to therapy already. "I have my daughter going to therapy off and on," she tells us it's because Sophia is enjoying the fame too much. "She's so well known people always recognize her -- they're like 'Teen Mom and Farrah' and sometime my daughter is just talking about fame and those things. Because of all the popularity and people talking about it around her she starts acting that way." PICTURES: SCREEN GRABS FROM FARRAH'S  SEX TAPE And now that Sophia is old enough she is asking about her father, "She keeps recognizing and missing that her dad is not there. I've done my best and I continue to do my best in approaching that not having her dad there in the best way and I think therapy is best." Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood, died in a tragic car accident in 2008. farrah-abraham-derek-underwood "I think therapy and having a counselor there to guide you and organize your next step is the proper thing to do," she tells us. PICTURES: FARRAH AFTER THE BOOB JOB And, while the five-year-old is enjoying being in the spotlight, Farrah says, "Look I don't want my daughter to be screwed up and think she needs to be in front of the camera or being a talent person. It's really a distraction." Farrah says her daughter loves to dance and play piano and she encourages her to excel at those things. "Not everyone goes through the things we go through. I try to make sure she has as normal life as possible and a great atmosphere and hopefully she'll come out level headed." Farrah is promoting her new three-book series of erotic romance novels; her first one Celebrity Sex Tape In The Making was released on Tuesday.

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    1. LoLo says:

      How can Sophia talk to a therapist with a pacifier in her mouth?

      • siriusthecat says:

        She gave it up at age 5. Then again, she gave it up at 3 and 4 as well. My daughter spit hers out when she started talking, hasnt shut up dince, lol. I would be embarrassed if my toddler couldnt hold any type of conversation. Fame is going to her head, though? Does she want her hair washed or something? I see fake lashes on a mom with a kid with snarled hair, i want to slap them.

        • LoLo says:

          I know, little girls love to talk, I know I did, still do. I have 3 sons, I did not give my 1st two a pacifier at all. My 3rd was given one in the hospital because he had digestive problems & had to be fed through a stomach tube & the pacifier was supposed to satisfy his sucking needs & associate it with a full tummy for when he would be able to use the bottle. He used it until he was 2 & only for bed or napping. I took it away at 2, he cried for a few days at nap & bedtime but then it was over. Farrah uses it because she doesn’t want to put up with Sophia crying. She has zero parenting skills. I remember her yelling at Sophia for getting into a marker or nailpolish when she was about 2 when she was the one that left it out. She also left her in a sink when she was about 8 months old with running water & walked away to answer the phone. What drives me over the edge with her is when she talks to Sophia like she is her peer instead of her child. The girl is socially awkward. Now saying fame is getting to her head…really, her head not Farrah’s?

    2. ms naynay says:

      I have such a hard time deciphering what this girl is TRYING to say. It’s as if she just makes everything up as she goes instead of really thinking about the question & answering honestly. Her incorrect use of words just boggles my mind. Anyway, Sophia certainly needs therapy, but for none of the reasons she listed. She’ll need it most when she has to face the disgusting things her mom has done. Way to go “Mom”.

      • Reality says:

        Exactly. Her misuse of words, in an attempt to sound educated and refined, only makes her look like an idiot. And as usual, she never takes responsibility for anything. If her daughter is “screwed up”, it is because of HER!

    3. Isabella says:

      I can’t understand her.. I don’t like her..

    4. ScrappieONE says:

      Boy Farrah keeps milking the hell out of the death of Derek. All the while not allowing his family to have any contact with her.

      • Jessica Giudice says:

        His parents can sue for grandparent custody, if they cared. Not sure of their financial situation though.

      • siriusthecat says:

        I cant find any sympathy, i saw 16 and pregnant and the first season of teen mom. Why doesnt anyone call her out on these lies? I could get past calling him a loser stalker, but the deadbeat dad angle, is straight slander. Now hes her one true love?

    5. Leila says:

      She doesn’t want her to have to be in front of a camera. Of course not, that’s Farrah’s department and how dare Sophia try and steal the spotlight! That kid looks like a Treasure Troll and her mother looks like Joe Camel.

    6. Leila says:

      The grandparents have never had an established relationship with the little girl, thanks to Farrah. Farrah wants to look like a tragic figure. She wouldn’t even be known if she hadn’t gotten knocked up at 16. She is damaged goods as are most of the “Teen Mom” women, and yes, they are women, as soon as they squeezed those babies out, they ceased being “teens” in the traditional sense. Of course, that doesn’t stop Jenelle Evans from acting like an idiot, she is another case entirely. I don’t like Jenelle, but I really can’t stand Farrah. I feel sorry for her mother, she is a really nice woman and deserves better than that insufferable narcissistic daughter of hers.

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