Farrah Abraham Lashes Out At Jenelle Evans For Having Another Baby

Posted on July 8th, 2014 at 8:53 am
Exclusive farrah-abraham-at-rumorfix Teen Mom Farrah Abraham says she has learned from her mistakes and would never have another baby without a plan, RumorFix is reporting exclusively. The reality star turned porn star turned entrepreneur was making a not-so-subtle dig at another Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans. Jenelle and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, just welcome their son Kaiser Griffith together. She got pregnant just a few weeks after dating the hunk. PICTURES: FARRAH AFTER THE BOOB JOB

Farrah Abraham: I'm On Birth Control For 5 Years

"I don't follow their lives I don't watch their shows, because I am beyond that," Farrah tells RumorFix in an exclusive interview to promote her erotic novel Celebrity Sex Tap In The Making. Farrah, who lives in Austin with her daughter Sophia, says, "In my life women are not continually having babies and putting hardships and having the drama and putting the hardships around their children. I'm really not about living that lifestyle anymore. And I only want to make the best environment for my daughter." PICTURES: FARRAH IN DAZZLING BIKINI Farrah, who has an IUD that provides birth control for five years, adds, "I would never go find a boyfriend right now get pregnant have a second child without a plan." By the way she says there is no man in her life right now. The 23-year-old who has had her share of bad press says, "maybe the public should comment on how others are having children and not really changing the cycle." She says she's in a good place now and she's "happy that I have made success out of a lot of tragedy and hard years."

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    1. Eggroll says:

      Ya, um farrah after you were in your porn/never get laid cooch ,(smelly vag. As quoted by James dean!) you were on the show the test! Your parents were there. You “thought” you could be preg again! By Jd! You do anything for 5 cents! We know you lie about the money u make, not your house or car!(thank you farrah fake house neighbor !) poor Sophia she’s going to be as fugly as you!

      • Mia003 says:

        Not true he never said that! Stop making up lies and talking about a child like that or anyone for that matter.

    2. Eggroll says:

      Oh go try it again. It’s on YouTube times,Howard stern and more other places. Farrah’s uglier than ever and do is Sophia ! Does that hurt u! I don’t care!

    3. Eggroll says:

      Moron. I’m not wrong. I’m scum? Oh go watch porn star Farrah. I’ll give you $100 if you don’t get Herpes!

    4. Meggan King says:

      she has no right to put others down for their choices, hers’ haven’t been all that grand either.

    5. really? says:

      Woooah. While I agree with most of what is said on here, I don’t think it’s right to take her actions out on her daughter. The child is FIVE years old. She can’t help who her mother is. At least let Sophia start making her own mistakes before judging her. This poor girl doesn’t even have a chance at a normal life. Focus on Farrah and her actions.

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