Farrah Abraham: I Beefed Up Security So My Website Won’t Be Hacked Again

Posted on July 11th, 2014 at 2:47 pm
True farrah-abraham-coming-out-of-ny-office Teen Mom Farrah Abraham moved quickly so that her adult video life didn't interfere with her new family friendly business venture, RumorFix has learned. Farrah's website for Fro Co Fresh Frozen was hacked Thursday and instead of having pictures of her cute cartoon mascot there was a naked image of the sex tape star. farrah-abraham-froco "My engineers took it down," Farrah tells RumorFix, "and now we are making sure that I have better security." Farrah, who reportedly has made $1 million or more on her sex tape, is using that money for a her new Austin, Texas restaurant that features fresh and frozen food with yogurt. She's even giving customers an option of diary free, gluten free, low fat and sugar free. PICTURES: FARRAH IN A BLUE BIKINI The Teen Mom turned adult star turned entrepreneur says she is serving up "fresh and frozen cuisine in an innovative digital environment." We are not sure what that means -- but we've got to give to Farrah -- she delivered the line in a convincing manner. Check out our video interview. Farrah says she's self-funding the venture and expects to open on South Congress in Austin on October 1. The 23-year-old, who is taking online classes for a bachelor's degree in finance, lives in Austin with her daughter, Sophia, and says you may or may not see her in the yogurt shop because she's hoping to franchise it out internationally to hundreds of locations.

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