Tamra Barney Judge Hard Up & Selling Clothes On eBay?

Posted on June 19th, 2014 at 1:15 pm
Exclusive tamra-barney-judge-at-family-equality-council A new story on RadarOnline is quoting critics as saying times must be hard for Tamra Barney Judge because she's selling clothing on eBay, but RumorFix has the real story from Tamra herself. PICTURES: TAMRA'S SEXY BIKINI PICS The gossip website claims “if Judge is looking to pay her legal bills in her custody battle… she’s going to have to clean out some more closets.” Radar also alleges Tamra is keeping the money for herself and not donating it to charity. Our Real Mr. Housewife caught up with Tamra, who refutes the Radar story. Tamra tells us exclusively, “I’ve been doing it for years [selling things on eBay]. Part of the money goes to charity and the other part goes into my kids'  college fund.” And Tamra adds eBay is fun for the whole family, “My kids get so exciting to see the bidding go up.” Finally, Tamra takes a dig at Radar-- which has been extremely hard on Tamra in the past few months -- saying, “They are lame. They write the worst stores.”

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      Wonder what kind of cooties are crawling all over Tamra’s used garments..

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