Melanie Griffith — No Wedding Ring Upon Return To LA

Posted on June 26th, 2014 at 4:37 pm
True melanie-griffith-arriving-at-lax-june-26,2014 Melanie Griffith returned to LA on Wednesday night and while she was wearing a huge diamond ring -- it wasn't on her ring finger, RumorFix has all the details. The 56-year-old movie star, who filed for divorce from Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas on June 6, has been erasing all symbolic connections to her husband of 18 years. melanie-griffith-cream-sweater-jeans She hasn't worn her wedding ring for a few weeks now -- and just a week ago it appeared she had removed the "Antonio" tattoo on her upper arm , but we later found out it was the product of some makeup magic. We must say the single life suites Melanie -- she looked stunning in her taupe sweater, blue jeans and fresh manicure. melanie-griffith-no-wedding-ring

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