Kim Kardashian In Grade School — Never Before Seen Pictures

Posted on June 19th, 2014 at 9:28 am
Exclusive kim-kardashian-nikki-lund2 New pictures obtained by RumorFix show that Kim Kardashian has always had a charismatic smile and a beautiful spirit. PICTURES: KIM KARDASHIAN AT 9 AND 12 Fashion designer Nikki Lund, who was best friends with the reality star in grade school at El Rodeo in Beverly Hills, is also pictured in the photos that RumorFix has obtained the US rights to. Nikki tells RumorFix, "We had too many best memories together growing up over the years." The designer, who has partnered with Richie Sambora for Nikki Rich Designs, says she and Kim had lots of fun in grade school and high school. She remembers one day, she left her school, Beverly Hills High, to attend Kim and Kourtney's school, Marymount High School, which is an all-girls Catholic School. "I was able to go with them and a few of our other friends to check out the campus and activities for the day and we dressed up like the Spice Girls," Nikkie tells us. "It was a 'free dress' day for them. They normally had to wear uniforms and so we were neat and tidy Spice Girls. No midriffs, no tank tops, no shorty short skirts etc. But, somehow Kim & I pulled of being Baby Spice and Posh Spice. We loved the Spice Girls." And like may girlfriends do, they had a special language of their own, "When we had to swear what we were saying was truth, we’d say 'bible!'" Nikki says she and Kim haven't seen each other lately because of their busy schedules, but they are still friends and celebrate each other successes. She still keeps in touch with the family -- in fact, Kim's mom, Kris Jenner attended a Nikki Rich party last year. Here are pictures of what the lovely ladies look like now. kim-kardashian-before-and-after nikki-lund-before-and-after

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    1. jay says:

      I wonder if she was the one that sold the fake baby pics Friends don’t sell picsof friends to tabloids She’s looking for free advertisement all at the expense of Kim

      • Matthew518 says:

        If they were friends growing up, it’s likely a legitimate friendship to this day. Fake baby pics? Which tabloid do you work for?

    2. Jonnothetoon says:

      That’s @disqus_6cr6iXKgWs:disqus I think made her career on a porno tape with RayJay and for being Paris Hiltons best friend LOL Laughable comments…

    3. Jonnothetoon says:

      That’s funny@disqus_6cr6iXKgWs:disqus I think KIM K made her career on a porno tape with RayJay and for being Paris Hiltons best friend LOL Laughable comments…

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