Bethenny Frankel To Replace Barbara Walters On The View?

Posted on June 18th, 2014 at 2:14 pm
Exclusive bethenny Is Bethenny Frankel going to replace Barbara Walters on The View? A source tells Naughty But Nice Rob, “The View is looking for someone to spice up the show. Someone with lots of opinions and a big personality and Bethenny is at the top of the list." We checked with a rep for The View who tells RumorFix, "This is incorrect on a couple of counts. There is no truth to this. Also, you cannot replace an icon like Barbara Walters and that's not what we are looking to do. However, we will at some point in the near future add a new voice to the panel." Shoot we wanted to see Bethenny clash with Jenny McCarthy!

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    1. LoLo says:

      If this is true, the other ladies better get ready to never be able to get a word. Bethenny over talks everyone.

    2. Diane says:

      Bethenny is probably too mean to be on every day. I was really surprised how she treated her husband Jason in asking for a divorce in a letter, throwing water on him while he slept, and calling him a white trash, and then fighting him for sole custody of their daughter. (This is all HER testimony and she thought it would give her a win in court?!) I would have thought she would be good after watching the shows she did with Jason as he and his family helped her image. But, after that testimony (from her own mouth), I am completely disgusted by her. Who wants to cut a loving father from a child’s life?? And she always talks about her resentment of both her mother and father. Yuck.

      • Vigdis Karlsdottir says:


      • LiberalGilt says:

        She’s a self absorbed schmuck who lives for fame. She will do anything to stay on TV. And BTW didnt she claim she sold that dumb drink for half a billion? But somehow her net worth is only 20 million?

    3. Vigdis Karlsdottir says:

      Oh please! Nobody wants to see that horrible woman on the View.

    4. chevjuls says:

      She is mean to her husband and treat him like crap, but she is a good business woman and a good talker, not me, but a lot of her viewer will tune in to the view to watch her.

    5. LiberalGilt says:

      Could you just imagine? She couldn’t handle her own show, do you think she could handle those other broads on the View?

      There’s nothing likeable about her. I hope her ex gets custody of the kid before she sells it to get another show.

      • nickynicole says:

        She was on a show where she handled many other women and a couple of those were wild-eyed crazies (certifiable). She built her own brand and empire. She is an industry onto herself. I think she should handle the view. Having said that, I do not watch the view and hope she does not if offered. Heard it is on its way out.

    6. LiberalGilt says:

      TRANSLATION of ARTICLE: Bethany’s PR team floated the rumor. There is no truth to it in the slightest, except in crazy Bethany’s mind.

    7. Poster says:


    8. johncnnj says:

      Whilst I am not the biggest fan of Barbara Walters, she certainly knows how to ask a question, WAIT for an answer and then ask a question to get to the REAL answer.

      Bethenny has an inability to believe that anyone, other than herself, has any sense. She asks questions, responds to them herself… AND, if her guest manages to get his/her response in, she will either correct it or, in the rare event that she would agree, relate it to herself. All that and an annoying voice too!

    9. dcj says:

      I would actually like to see this… add a little spice.

    10. patty says:

      NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! She is vacuous and self absorbed. I just change stations when she is on. I can’t believe Ellen D actually backed her for a while.

    11. Laila Sobel says:

      I just read somewhere that Rosie has in her contract that NO Reality Wives on the panel of the view!

    12. dmm1047 says:

      “Fake it til you make it.” That’s Frankel’s claim to fame.

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