NeNe Leakes Officially Fired From ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’?

Posted on May 12th, 2014 at 9:25 am

neneAfter months of speculation that NeNe Leakes would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, various outlets are now claiming that the reality star has officially been given the axe.

Although the producers really like NeNe, her demands were reportedly too high. "Not only did she want a raise, but she wanted to have say on who she filmed with, and other crazy stuff," one source claims.

And according to show insiders, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, and NeNe's contracts have not been renewed for another season.

But RumorFix reached out to our Housewives insider who tells us "there is no truth to these rumors."

So, don't worry y'all! It looks like NeNe ain't goin' anywhere!

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    1. Michael says:

      It sounds believable. QueeNe said on the reunion she would NEVER film or have anything to do with Kenya again. Well if she is allowed to choose who she can film with, the other women would start doing the same and you can’t be allowed to tell your boss what you will and will not do, trust me, I know 🙂

      • Nab TL says:

        you’re so right they pay her she doesn’t pay them and she will be replaced with more women who need the money

    2. cholly8524 says:

      If NeNe leaves, it’s probably a good thing. Go out on top girl. The show has gotten ratchet and Andy/Bravo are ridiculous. Andy can’t handle it when his BS is called out. He was called a Queen last year and accepted it. All of a sudden, it’s a problem. He/Bravo also set up Porsha. Why not just not renew her contract?
      I’m done with Bravo.

      • Primrose says:

        Nene made the show ratchet. That has been Nene’s brand from day one.

        • kinsgton,jamaica says:

          no i would have to disagree with that statement. just like Kenya NeNe brought drama to the show. i know this session she has acted rude but she is only human and we get upset at times; we say things or act a certain way without thinking of the consequences. Kenya is sooo ratchet and shady i just cant believe her the show is called real housewives and she is far from real to me, she does everything to evoke some emotion but cant stand the heat when the kitchen gets hot. i think she needs to go #teamNeNe

          • Primrose says:

            Hi Yardie,
            I think Kenya is ratchet too. In fact, to me, Kenya has no redeeming qualies and she deserves a season later on for her comeuppance. The only thing I will give Kenya is that she is intelligent and smart (which she often uses in shady ways). Having said all of that, Nene has been a hateful, envious, violent, mean spirited, out of touch megalomaniac from day one. She came on the show saying she keeps it real which really meant that she is often hateful and hurtful. God forbid that she keeps it real about herself – no self awareness, was/is living so many lies. God forbid even more if one of her caste mates keep it real about her. She needs to refocus.

          • Rob says:

            You’re just as trashy and messed up as the moose!

          • guest says:

            Nene Leakes is the most rachet of all, total ghetto trash and anyone who supports her is ghetto too. Educated people with some level of decency would not support her and porsha’s trifling asses. Kandi is ghetto too, but at least she is not envious of anyone’s success. Cynthia has no spine, but she is classy and at least Phaedra who I can’t stand is educated.

        • GetReal2014 says:

          I know. She’s is so no class.

        • guest says:


      • Shaw Sway says:

        I really think that Nene was tired RHOA. She gave us a lot of attitude but Nene also appeared burnout.

      • GetReal2014 says:

        Nene is the main reason the show is rachet. If she goes away, maybe the show can regroup. Oh, and she needs to take her rachet in training with her, the ever so dumb and malleable Porsha.

      • judyrock says:

        It was not that Andy could not handle being called a queen. It was when Nene said about the gay community, “I said I was sorry. What do they want me to do, have them pull down their pants and kiss their ass.” That was rude and totally uncalled for. Only a total “B” woulld answer that way! As far a going out on top, she is not. Even Wendy Williams said that after the reunion shows she is probably the most hated woman in America. I don’t call that “on top.”

    3. Jane says:

      Nene leaving is a good thing. Kenya should be fired as well. If Kenya stays I will no longer watch the show.

      • Rob says:

        Good riddance to you both. Kenya can be drama without being bigoted and hateful and ratchet like Nene! Kenya stay, Nene go! Jane go!

      • black_dontcrack says:

        Well it looks like Bye Felicia to you too! LOL. Seriously though, I can disconnect my brain and actually laugh at/with Kenya. She is hilarious and she really doesn’t take most things too seriously. I’m OK with that. But Nene has just gotten out of control. And she’s actually dumping on some of her biggest fans – gay men. It’s almost like her pride wouldn’t let her apologize to Andy and the gays when she was called out on how she made them feel. Oh well. Everything is still a rumor at this point but I sincerely hope that Bravo frees Nene to pursue other endeavors.

    4. Grimm Milken says:

      Asking Andy Cohen if he wanted her to pull his pants down and kiss his azz didn’t help any either. I saw the expression on Andy’s face. Pure disgust. I knew that was the end of NeNe on RHOA. Her ego is going to end her career real fast (if it hasn’t already) if she doesn’t watch her temper/mouth.

      • Shaw Sway says:

        She fired herself after that comment to Andy Cohen.

      • SonnySky says:

        Did he not say–“no it will never happen!!”

        I was so shocked I was speechless. Nene has presented herself as a person who no one wants to be around or know or in their presence.

    5. keke says:

      If nene leave the show the ratings will go way down nobody will watch it. Nene made rhoa.

      • says:

        The old, likeable NeNe made the show. I truly don’t think many viewers will miss the “new” conceited, egotistical, bullyish NeNe.

        • Nab TL says:

          I won’t miss her she treated people like crap and she thought she was better than any of them.. the way she talked about her friends she has no respect for anyone.

      • Rob says:

        I actually don’t think the ratings will go down if they get rid of Nene. She was growing obnoxious to watch. I have a better chance of continuing to watch if they get rid of moose!

        • GetReal2014 says:

          Yep. She brings everything negative to the show, and people are starting to take notice.

          I love how those in the media are coming out against her. It’s about time.

    6. keke says:

      Kenya moore is so messy. She shud be fired too. Andy cohen is a hot mess. Kenya provoked porscha thats why she got her ass whipped.

      • Nab TL says:

        you can’r provoke people from physically abusing you .. that’s like saying women who get beat provoke their husbands to beat them..I rather see Kenya on that show than Nene .. At least Kenya has a story line … if she didn’t people wouldn’t be so interested in her to keep her relevant ….

        • kinsgton,jamaica says:

          this is a completely different situation…that’s like saying any who is bullied/ provoked and fights back is still guilty…we are people with emotions and sometimes we let them control us without even knowing it

          • judyrock says:

            Portia acts so innocent, but she sure knew how to hand it out! If you can’t express yourself with words rather than fists, you don’t belong on the show. I have been really angry in my 65 years of life, but have not used my fists since I have been 8 years old.

            • GetReal2014 says:

              Exactly, that’s so stupid. I can’t remember the last time I was unable to handle my emotions, and never as an adult!

            • guest says:

              I know. She gave as good as she got!!

            • GetReal2014 says:

              And then failed to take responsibility for her actions.

              Excuse after excuse.

              Girl, bye, and keep your court date.

          • gessie says:

            Porsha was provoking Kenya 2-1, and yet Kenya did not attack her. Try using, “But he/she provoked me, your Honor” in court and see how far it gets you. People are so dumb. Just like Porsha.

            • GetReal2014 says:

              Agreed. People don’t appear to be dealing with a full deck. I was provoked is not a legal defense.

              Porsha has mental problems. End of story.

            • guest says:

              Clang Clang lock down. Thank you for being smart!

            • dria says:

              I find it funny when people make it seem like porsha was wrong for what she did.yes porsha was insulting kenya and vice versa but would you have someone waving something in your face and yelling through the speaker in your face. If your having a heated discussion why would you think its okay to antaganize someone with props. In my opinion kenya did it pruposely because the first thing that came out her mouth was “get fired” and then goes on to say “your done” she wanted porsha to do something that would get her kicked off the show. Dont dish it if you cant take. We heard kenya say alot of times she’d beat porsha’s ass.

          • guest says:

            And that’s why there are laws boo!

            • GetReal2014 says:

              Exactly, let’s just all hit someone when we get mad.

              That’s just stupid.

          • GetReal2014 says:

            The law says that you can’t physically put your hands on someone. What you’re describing would be self-defense. Kenya didn’t put her hands on Porsha, therefore Porsha is the aggressor and the one who has to stand before the judge.

            Smart move, Porsha.

          • YesB*tchHunty says:

            You can’t be as stupid as this comment makes you seem. The guy that blew up the mall?Or the guy that killed his mother then elementary school children… They lost control of their emotions, the brothers that bombed the Boston marathon, they let their emotions get the best of them too…see what happens when you just dismiss violence because of someones “Emotions” and attributing it to being provoked?

            You can’t pick and choose one level of violence as more acceptable than another. Unless it is physical self defense, violence in any form is not ok, it is animalistic and the reaction of an uncivilized person.

      • Rob says:

        Kenya didn’t provoke anyone. Porsha was provoking Kenya during the Reunion. Rewatch it. Ironically, it was Kenya who got up to physically fight when Kenya ought to have been the one to beat up Porsha

        • GetReal2014 says:

          If you watched, that’s what you saw. I was wondering wth was her problem. She kept talking over Kenya and being insulting.

          She is not emotionally stable, at all.

          • guest says:

            In my opinion she came ready to start something with Kenya. If she was so called bullied, then why did she continuously jump into Kenya’s conversation with Andy. The heifer was ready to start something. People can’t see that because of their hatred for Kenya, and I’m not a Kenya fan. She gets too over the top for me, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

      • Arima says:

        Moore-on and Cohen need to go!!! As for Nene there is a word she continues to mispronounce that bugs me….the word is BRIDESMAID, Nene…not Bridemaid!!! You always leave the “S” out when you use the word and you are incorrect. Pick up a dictionary once in awhile.

    7. Matth41 says:

      Like they say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen BLOOP!!

    8. complicated says:

      I don’t think they should fire any of the ladys. All of their ignorance compliment each other. If you take away one the show wont be the same. Nene just needs to come off her high horse because she isnt all that. I liked her in the first season. They should add Pilar Sanders and bring Sheree back.

      • Primrose says:

        They should spend the next season giving Nene her comeuppance then fire her after that. Such a hateful hate filled megalomaniac.

    9. Guest says:

      Nene ego has just gotten ridiculous over the last year. I also get the impression that she was really burnout from the show. Yes, she gave us a lot of shade and attitude on the reunion show, but Nene also came off that she really didn’t want to be there anymore.

    10. funkyaim says:

      I hope this is true. After Nene’s disgusting display on the three reunion shows, and running to Porsha’s defense following the fight, she should be fired. I wonder how the numerous abused women in this country have felt listening to all the interviews given by Porsha and Nene stating Porsha was either bullied or provoked by Kenya thereby Porsha was justified in attacking her? Wasn’t Nene abused in a prior relationship? Didn’t Nene form a non-profit for abused women? I agree, the “ass kissing” remark followed by the “parade” comment by Greg made me see red. I don’t know who she thinks she is but the “speech” given at Kenya’s charity event would have been enough for me to fire her. After all, Kenya did email her with all the details prior to the event but that wasn’t good enough for Nene – she demanded a phone call. Don’t stop with Nene, fire Porsha and Phaedra. Atlanta needs a serious house cleaning.

      • nasz nasx says:

        Phaedra has enough of our id theft money snd businesses to take care of herself snd the children so pls go phaedra while u still have a head to think with shes another who have no remorse cause that would show guilt

      • Rob says:

        Someone should tell Nene she provoked the azz whipping she got from her husband and see what she says. And with her personality, she probably did provoke him to whoop her azz

    11. Shaw Sway says:

      Does Nene read the blogs or twitter? Her popularity has been plummeting rapidly on the show since the Pillow Talk episode. Anyway it is time for Nene to move on, she is not happy doing the show anymore.

    12. Michael Moore says:

      Bye NigNe!

    13. Tamu says:

      If NeNe is fired….the ratings will certainly go down. She brings an antagonistic vibe and that equals drama! Love it…no one can take her plan without becoming the same type of character…dramatic…its all acting…right!

    14. grape roberts says:

      I dont believe Nene was fired. They will work something out with her and I doubt that she asks to only film with certain people because that would be foolish. The show is a group show, so I doubt Nene said that. Bravo doing all this to keep you tuning in next season. Every season Nene quits, same feces every year.

    15. grape roberts says:

      They always using Nene’s name to drum up attention for the show because her name gets the most responds. Trust me Nene is not fired.

    16. rag123 says:

      If Andy’s messy ass can dish it out and stir the pot and create fights and drama then he should be able to take it. One things for sure Nene will be returning, she is the show, hate her or not, it is what it is. Tamara Tattles continously bloggs lies to generate reads and comments on her site. Nene will never kiss ass for a job !

    17. gessie says:

      Andy doesn’t have the cojones to fire her. After he displayed real disappointment in Porsha and told her she would have to apologize to Kenya, he got all wishy washy over social media saying (ignorantly) I don’t condone violence, BUT…………. And did an about face. He is a freaking idiot and a spineless jellyfish.

    18. brownsugar says:

      Keep NeNe Please!!!!!!!

    19. mosesknowses says:

      NeNe, like all other reality stars, puts on a show for the camera.

    20. GetReal2014 says:

      Please let her be fired. She is the nastiest human being I have ever seen.

    21. nvtn says:

      You need to check Nene twitter. She gone with the wind

    22. black_dontcrack says:

      Um. Really? Because she just tweeted “Good morning tweetie pies! Never continue n a job u don’t enjoy! Follow ur passion & success will follow u! Hav a great day” Hopefully that translates into “Bye Felicia” LOL

    23. beona says:

      i like NeNe shes a good actor and she makes the show I hope to see her on RHOA

    24. Anna says:

      Cannot stand ugly, bigmoouthed, bully Nene. Get rid of her!

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