Lisa Vanderpump: Beverly Hills Hotel Owner’s Anti-Gay Laws Are ‘Devastating’

Posted on May 8th, 2014 at 9:13 am


Lisa Vanderpump is as synonymous with the city of Beverly Hills as is the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

So, what does The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star think about the posh hotel's owner, the Sultan of Brunei, implementing harsh laws in his country that would requires gays to be stoned to death?

"As a huge spokesperson and advocate for the LGBT community and supporter of equal rights, I find it devastating," Lisa, whose restaurant Villa Blanca is located in Beverly Hills, tells KNBC's Robert Kovacik. "It's like a home from home, but unfortunately I just don't feel I can support any of this man's business ventures with what's come out."

So far, the hotel has lost $1.5 million in events that have canceled because of the controversial policies. The city of Beverly Hills has condemned the Sultan's laws and Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno have also said they are boycotting the 102-year-old hotel. 

 At a rally this week, Jay compared the situation to the controversy involving Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist comments to his alleged mistress, “V” Stiviano. “Let’s put it in perspective, the people in the Beverly Hills Hotel now are the Clippers, the Sultan of Brunei is Sterling,” Leno said.

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