Gretchen Rossi: ‘Tamra Judge Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut About Me’

Posted on May 28th, 2014 at 5:06 pm


Gretchen Rossi isn't on The Real Housewives of Orange County anymore, but she and Tamra Judge are still fighting as if cameras were rolling.

RumorFix spoke exclusively to Gretchen at the premiere party for LA Hair in West Hollywood and she said, "Unfortunately Tamra can't keep her mouth shut about me."

Although the swimwear line designer has moved on to Marriage Bootcamp on WE, she wanted to clear the air about her former BFF, "She continues to talk about me on the show. She continues to say to people 'Oh I never talk about her again' and then the next episode she says something about me and she's put a lot things out in the press about me that aren't true."

The fiery blonde adds, "I'm not going to stand by and allow somebody to tell untruths about me."


If you haven't been following the drama on and off TV here's a recap:

Tamra accused Gretchen of being negligent with her children's nutrition and hygiene.

Then, Gretchen told Life & Style that Tamra "cares more about RHOC than taking care of her kids."

Tamra's response on Instagram May 7 was: “This nasty b**ch will do anything to stay relevant, GO AWAY! You know nothing about my life or my kids. I pray that one day you have the happiness and beautiful children I have. I pray that your children are not hurt by divorce and their names are not drug [sic] through the mud by people like you.”

Now the Gretchen's fiancé Slade Slimey has joined the feud. He recently told RadarOnline, “Tamra is just coming up with ‘I want a baby’ [request] for a storyline. She cried for part of the show, it was ridiculous. She needed a storyline. So she came up with the baby one. Everything Tamra does is completely manufactured for the show.”

 Of course, that didn't sit well with Tamra who called Slade a "deadbeat with a sick son."

Gretchen says she isn't surprised by the attacks by Tamra, but she warns the reality star, "I'm always going to stand up for myself -- that's who I've always been. That's who I will always be."

See more of our exclusive interview here.

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    1. Baby Doll says:

      it is becasue tamra does not have a story line, except she is a lousy mother.

    2. Jouster says:

      Can’t wait for another few months to go by. Rossi will be as relevant as Lynne Curtin or that cougar whose name nobody even remembers.

    3. BravoJunkie says:

      Gretchen oughta be grateful that someone is talking about her…

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