Brooke Burke-Charvet Did Everything Right When She Was Fired, Says Expert David Kessler

Posted on May 19th, 2014 at 5:59 pm


When Brooke Burke-Charvet was fired from Dancing with the Stars, she dealt with the news with honesty and humor and that's exactly what she should have done, expert David Kessler tells RumorFix.

Kessler, who is one of the foremost experts on grief and healing, has just written a new book, You Can Heal Your Heart, which is about finding peace after a breakup, divorce, death or job loss.


So after Kessler saw the public firing of Brooke just days before the beginning of this season, he says, "I was impressed with the way she handled it." He says things are extra difficult for celebrities because they don't have the privacy the rest of us have.

The 30 year healing veteran was particularly impressed with how she used it as a teaching tool for her children.

Brooke blogged writing, "My kids were in the car when I got the call and my son shouted, 'You got fired Mommy?!'  I tried to explain the difference between being fired and being let go. Then he yelled, 'You quit!'  I laughed at the fine line in it all.  Then I did my very best to describe to my children the reality of change and the need to maneuver through it with grace."

Kessler says without knowing it -- she followed the four steps to healing after job loss:

  1. Meet rejection head on
  2. Define who you are
  3. Be open to your future
  4. Laugh!

David, who co-authored the book with Louise Hay, is touring 40 cities this year doing book signing and seminars. His book can be purchased here.

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