Vanessa Stiviano Goes Undercover With Bizarre Face Visor!

Posted on April 28th, 2014 at 10:58 am

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It seems like Donald Sterling's controversial mistress Vanessa Stiviano does NOT want to be recognized anymore.

Before the story broke about the LA Clippers owner's racial audio rants, Stiviano loved to plaster her face all over social media flaunting her designer clothes, flashy cars and curvaceous body.

But in her recent Instagram posts she is seen wearing a bizarre face visor as she goes about her business while Sterling grows under increasing pressure for his racial slurs.

On April 25, 2014, Stivano posted a photograph of her standing dressed all in back wearing her visor with "Incognito Inc" written below the image.

Then on the same day she was seen wearing the same face disguise driving her open top red Ferrari in the I-10 East Freeway OUT of  Los Angeles where she lives in a $1.4 million apartment bought for her by Sterling.

The caption for her 114,000 Instagram followers read: "STAGECOACH HERE WE COME" #love #country #music #stagecoach2014 #stagecoach #musicfestival #palmspring #palms #live #in #the #moment #incognito #california #ferrari #meditation #on #the #road CATCH ME IF YOU CAN...... @stagecoach."

Meanwhile, scandal plagued Sterling was out with his wife Rochelle on Sunday night at Fleming's steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles.

When photographers asked if he was a racist his wife yelled: "Of course not."

It has been reported the beleaguered basketball boss is trying to strike a deal with Stiviano and her lawyers so that no more potentially embarrassing tapes are leaked.

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    1. Sam says:

      I’d hide from the press too!

    2. paul berry says:

      Do you hear the whining of these black bigots??? There can nothing be more hypocritical than what is taking place here, an old man jealous of his girl friend says do not show up with those black men, {not niggar} black is what they desire to be called! magic johnson and kareem are the biggest hypocrites out there, {among all the other now hurt by the term black men} if their wife/girl friend was with a Dirk Nowitzki each day, {or any big handsome man, and they are 75} they would be saying you better stay away from that big handsome white guy/hunky! These so called black men of the basketball league out there attacking an old jealous man, and are the same bunch complaining just two years ago about too many White men playing on the same basketball team, the Timber wolves, and were doing so on the nightly news in person with no shame of their racism! So now this weak gang of bigots, who say whitey each day are attacking a man threatened by youth, not color! For what is important this day, go examine the now end of aging and premature death, now the causes and cure found through Gods word creation called science! … Respect to all born of God/Adam/Jesus Deuteronomy 32:8 { also visit and } It has begun

    3. ForPeteSaiche says:

      She wears The Cone of Shame.

    4. Havi Fuego says:

      I saw her driving around in her red ferrari on 3rd st yesterday. she had that stupid visor covering her entire face. other drivers were telling her that she’s not allowed to do that…. You want to hide from the attention? how about you don’t drive around in a red fucking ferrari. buy a baseball hat and sunglasses like every other shmuck in LA.

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