Phaedra Parks Sides With Porsha Williams: Kenya Moore Is A Big Bully!

Posted on April 22nd, 2014 at 5:04 am

kenyaPhaedra Parks is siding with Porsha Williams in the wake of the reality star's vicious fight with Kenya Moore.

Williams and Moore got into it during The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on Sunday, and Parks tells Andy Cohen she's not the least bit surprised with Kenya's crazy behavior.

"Truth be told, Porsha and I had talked about a lot before the reunion because we were in a very fragile state,” she said on Watch What Happens Live.

“I had warned her," Phaedra said.

"This year I wasn’t pregnant ... last year, Kenya had obviously threatened to snatch me up and I guess beat me [while I was] eight and a half months pregnant. But she’s not violent now! Oh, no! Don’t say that, now," Phaedra said sarcastically.

"I stressed to [Porsha] the importance of just being calm and making sure you maintain the proper decorum. But Kenya has a way of provoking people. She’s a big bully. She talks a lot of talk and cannot walk the walk," she added.

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    1. Serious says:

      I’m with Phaedra, Kenya is a verbal bully because she knows its against Bravo’s policy not to fight. Everyone has a breaking point and Porche’s broke. Violence is wrong but Kenya deserved that azz whoopin. Kenya is evil, jealous and a bully.

    2. ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡ says:

      I don’t get it how its poor Porsha this and that. I recalled Porsha playing her part throughout the seasons too. Taunting Kenya about her “fake “relationships (true or not) and name calling like “bye ashy”. How is it that Kenya is the only one labled “the bully” when they all confronted Porsha on her relationship with Kordel?!
      I guess hypocrisy is everything to Porsha. She rather to surround herself with ladies who talks openly about her ignorance behind her back, than ‘THE ONE’ that say things to her face. Kenya has a thick skin and Posha doesn’t.
      Porsha was gunning for the show down. Granted anyone would be annoyed by the blow horn; however Porsha was determined that she was gonna have the last say. Kenya gave her a chance to speak nonetheless when Kenya tried to give her ‘two sense’ , Porsha wouldn’t allow her and that’s when the blow horn cameout. In my opinion at that point Porsha should have shut the hell up and allow Kenya to speak. That would have been the end of the blow horn.

      • Tina says:

        You are an idiot!!

        • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡ says:

          Your response speak volume about YOUR level of maturity. My advice is for you to go take a time out, Next to Porsha.

      • Marceline Marguerite says:

        Phadera provokes Kenya all the time.

      • roxanne says:

        I couldn’t have said it better Nurse Bell. Porsha was running her loud, annoying mouth the whole time Kenya was trying to talk and just seemed determine to start an argument or fight. Nene straight out called Porsha an ignorant idiot when they were in Mexico and Porsha didn’t say 2 words to her, but soon as Kenya say something to Porsha she want to go off and call her all out of her name and jump up in her face to fight. Porsha sat there and talked about Kenya and Walter having a fake relationship and also kept saying that Kenya new boyfriend was invisible and fake and that she heard she paid him to be on the show. Porsha then wanted to fight when Kenya dished it back to her and said something about her relationship. Porsha is a grown woman over 30 and I am so tired of hearing how she is being bullied. She dishes it but just can’t take it. Poor Porsha. Poor, Poor Porsha. Girl Bye! And take Phaedra and Nene with you.

    3. ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡ says:

      Go take several seats ‘Phaekdra’ we know you love law breakers. On an off day Kenya could beat either of you. If she chose to. You, Nene and Porsha are the same, irrelevant!

    4. myself says:

      phhadra get off the show already

    5. nasz nasx says:

      I dont teally believe phaedra nene or porsha hearing and seeing the women in s6 I’m inclined to believe that pp nl and pw are the true bullies u have to watch the and hear u have to show the proper decorum i tried to talk to pw. Nl covering her mouth pw physically violaing a person but yet they lash out on her keep watching you will all see what is really next

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