Mad Men Debuts To Worst Rated Season Opener Since 2008

Posted on April 15th, 2014 at 10:24 am

madWhile AMC's Mad Men has never been a ratings powerhouse, it's off to its lowest rated season in years.

Sunday night's season seven premiere averaged about 2.3 million viewers —  down over a million viewers from 2013's opener. It's also down from its season finale last June which garnered an audience of  2.69 million viewers.

And maybe that's the problem. It's been TEN MONTHS since the show was last on. And while the network is touting the fact that it's the series' final season, it's being truncated into two parts, with seven episodes airing now and the other seven coming in 2015.

For even die-hard fans of the show, that's a lot of time and patience.  And that's on top of years of long waits between seasons.  

 And don't get us started on how depressing the continued downfall of Don Draper is!

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    1. Manmen? says:

      Fix Your Title.

    2. michael says:

      What is “Man Men”?

    3. Man Men says:

      I forgot how good Man Men is. Man Men is the best show on TV right now, IMO. a

    4. SuperWittySmitty says:

      A great example of “post it and forget it.” These articles are so disposable; I wonder if a human or a machine is the author. I wonder if “Eric” comes by after posting this article for a final check to make sure it is okay. “it’s lowest rated season” doesn’t need an apostrophe, by the way. The editor must be on vacation.

    5. Quality Products Colombia says:

      “Man men” What no girls? No wonder no one watches!

      • Bill Braski says:

        I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you. Got blocked from commenting on WND because. . .Benghazi? I don’t know. Anyway, it wasn’t a typical liberal response to your post. You are using a different definition of the word theory than scientist use and there are tons of fossil records. You should get your information from the source and not from a creationist website.

    6. Rumor Fix says:

      OMG! Michael, Manmen and SuperWittySmitty — maybe Eric was injected with that serum that Roger and Don got last season! Thanks for keeping us in check!

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