Love & Hip Hop Mimi Faust Signs With Vivid In New Sex Tape Deal

Posted on April 14th, 2014 at 5:44 am

Untitled-2Celebrities and sex tapes--they just go hand in hand.

The latest star to fall under this category is Love & Hip Hop's Mimi Faust.

The star teamed up with her boyfriend Nikko, who is also her co-star on the reality show, to make the raunchy project.

And it wasn't long before Vivid's Steve Hirsch got his hands on the tape and contacted the duo to sign off on it going public, in which they pleasantly obliged. Hirsch also confirms that show producers are also on board for the releasing of the tape, as they hope it will spice up their show.

The videotape is titled Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, and is scheduled for release late April.

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    1. Sam says:

      What are people thinking?!!

    2. LoLo says:

      Way to be a good strong role model for your daughter MiMi. That poor little girl has 2 bad examples for parents.

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