Jenny McCarthy Celebrates Engagement To Donnie Wahlberg By Changing Her Phone Number

Posted on April 17th, 2014 at 10:31 am

jenJenny McCarthy decided to truly start fresh Wednesday as a newly engaged woman - by changing her phone number!

She explained on The View Thursday that she didn't want to take congratulations calls from every random person who had her number. She only wanted to hear from those truly close to her about her engagement to Donnie Wahlberg ... and definitely didn't want to hear from any ex-boyfriends.

"I love him so much I want to start clean," she said of Donnie.

"I don't need any ghosts from Christmas past coming up to haunt me," she cryptically explained. We've got to wonder if she was referring to ex-boyfriend of five years Jim Carrey, who she has remained friendly with after their 2010 split. After all, Carrey famously played the Grinch who stole Christmas on the big screen!

"I just feel like I wanted to start over," she added.

Good idea Jenny!

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    1. Amanda Dixon says:

      sounds like someone has some issues already I do not see this lasting forever they may even make it 5-10 yrs but I don’t the 4ever here.

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