Robin Thicke Removes Wedding Ring Goes Quiet On Paula Patton

Posted on March 8th, 2014 at 3:02 pm

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He sang her songs and bought her flowers.

But for now it looks like Robin Thicke is changing his tune on winning back his estranged wife Paula Patton

And the main signs -- his wedding ring is OFF and he's STOPPED talking about her.

The "Blurred Lines" singer was spotted without his ring on March 5 after going for a meal in Philadelphia and at his concert in Madison Square Garden on Friday night he did not make ANY mention of her directly to his fans.

Although he did cryptically tell the crowd that everyone should "learn to forgive each other" -- it was rumored that their split was over infidelities on his behalf.

Robin will turn 37 on March 10 and it looks like he will be spending it as a single man, although he might be able to spend time with the couple's three-year-old son Julian.

For her part, Paula has remained tight-lipped since the couple announced their split on February 24.

It remains to be seen if the pair - who were married for eight years - will reconcile but at the moment the signs aren't good.

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    1. Grimm Milken says:

      Some people are attracted to each other for all the wrong reasons. If the love is “real/true”, you shouldn’t need/want/desire anyone/anything else. Take time to find out who “you” really are. Don’t let life control you. Take control your life. You are so talented/gifted/blessed Robin. Don’t throw your future/life away.

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