RHOBH’s Joyce Giraud: ‘Brandi Glanville Can Never Buy Class’

Posted on March 18th, 2014 at 3:50 pm


Drama exploded during part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Monday night, and Joyce Giraud is firing back against Brandi Glanville’s accusations about her marriage.

During the reunion, the ladies feuded over Brandi’s claim that Joyce settled for her husband Michael Ohoven because he was a "short rich guy who promised to make [her] famous.”

Joyce didn’t take that lightly, and took to her Bravo TV blog Tuesday morning to clarify, “If settling is waking up to a man that loves you, a man that respects you, a man who shares your views in life, a man that is a great father, and a man that treats you like a queen -- then I would settle any day of the week.”

Joyce confesses, “By now I just feel sad for Brandi ... I hope for her sake that she one day finds a man even half as great as mine who she can ‘settle’ with. Perhaps that would take her out of her misery.”

She closes the issue by stating, “As you all saw ... I let her speak and finish what she had to say, but as usual she doesn't repay me with the same kindness she receives and cut me off every time I was speaking. I guess no matter how many books you sell, you can never buy class.”


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    1. serious says:

      Brand is very childish, jealous and a big fat lier. Her job is to be an evil bully. Joyce don’t worry about Brandy just pray for her because she is miserable.

    2. Joe says:

      I hope Bravo keeps Joyce for another season and dumps Brandi and Kim.

    3. MSMOMMYGJ says:

      So glad that Joyce brought up the Tampon incident about that disgusting, disease infested, drunk who## Brandi up so it can be on LIVE TV FOREVER!! Phenomenal job Joyce!!!! Can’t wait until her kids and their friends see it!!! Come on Eddie, make take those kids, it’s in their best interest!!!!

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