More Names Revealed On Lindsay Lohan’s “Lover List” – Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillipe, Orlando Bloom

Posted on March 19th, 2014 at 10:13 am

lilo1In Touch Weekly is revealing more of the blurred out names on Lindsay Lohan's handwritten "Lovers List."

Newly exposed conquests included actors Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillipe, Orlando Bloom,  Benecio Del Toro and restaurant heir Maggio Cipriani.

Some of her partners don't even get last names on the list, such as former NHL player Aaron Voros who simply gets "Aaron (Rngers)." Voros  played for the New York Rangers from 20008-10. As well as a "Brian @GPH" (we're still investigating who that is).

RumorFix had a prominent hand-writing expert Beth Chrisman go over the original list when it came out last week with a copy of Lindsay's own handwriting and determined "it is highly probable that this is the handwriting of Lindsay Lohan.” She also noted, “we can see significant similarity in letter formations and spacing. If she did not write this list it is one of the best forgeries I’ve seen.”lilo

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  • 8 Responses

    1. Iconoclast59 says:

      Oh course, this is only the list from the last couple of weeks…..

    2. Sarah says:

      Is “Brian@GPH” short for 32 yr old Jazz musician Brian Newman who performs at the Gramercy Park Hotel (GPH) in New York City?

    3. HHGeek says:

      Of course, if a bloke had written a similar list, it wouldn’t be news. But women must be judged for being sexually active.

      • Holly Resh Ringle says:

        Active is an understatement. It’s gross regardless of the gender.

        • HHGeek says:

          Revealing it is gross regardless of gender, yes. But it clearly goes back a while (given Ledger’s appearance), and she works in an industry one of whose basic premises is employing the beautiful / sexually appealing. I’m pretty sure you’d find that plenty of other actors (of both sexes) could write lists at least as long over the same timescale, and probably considerably longer.

          • Ooh-Bigtime says:

            Thank you for putting right this nonsense, which demands women to be chaste while guys screw everything that moves, men; women; whomever will hook up w/em, and get called a “playa”. Women who like sex are “gross”, guys who do are “playas”: to hell with anyone who carries that BS opinion and BS fake moral horsepoo! Besides, for as long as Lohan has been in hollywood, that’s a short list and populated with the hot of the hot so I hope she enjoyed each one and was safe, and I want Farrell’s number. At LEAST.

    4. Holly Resh Ringle says:

      Doesn’t anyone else find this list sexist? I mean, where are her female lovers on the outed list? We all know she was with Sam Ronson, and I’m sure there were others. Promiscuity is usually a sign of low self worth and self destructive behavior. Check! Check!

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